It is very common not to have an entirely suitable photograph for the a Memorial Card or Order of Service, but that is where we can help. We can take an ordinary family photo or one from a special occasion and remove any elements from the background or foreground. We can repair damage to old photos and will retouch images where needed. We will also rebalance colours to make the photo suitable for printing.

• Ideally it is best if;

[1] The subject is taking up a large portion of the photograph.

[2] The subject of the photo is in focus.

N.B: Very little can be done to improve photos that are too small or out of focus.

[3] Try to avoid images with a high amount of contrast (i.e. one side very light and the other very dark, or with a strong light source behind the subject).

[4] Avoid cropping the photograph at all. Also try to avoid the subject being too close to the edge of the image, especially try to avoid having the top of their head missing from the top of the image.

• N.B: If you have limited options to hand let us know and we can do the best with what you have available.

We are very experienced in getting the best result we can from a photo but the better the starting point you can give us, the better the end result will be. Some photos will respond better than others to the process, so where possible it is best to provide us with a few options.

• When sending a physical photograph, please do not cut, draw on or otherwise damage your photograph. Once we have scanned your original photograph, it will be returned to you unharmed with your order.

• You will only be charged for each different photo you would like to add. There is no limit to the number of photos you can use and custom photo montage design services are available on request.