How long will the whole process take?

Roughly a working week. We normally produce a proof the same day we receive your order. It may take a few proofs to make sure you are entirely happy with your design. This takes a few days but can be longer via post. Once approved we normally print your order and send out within 1-2 days.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We have a suggested minimum order of 25 cards. This is advisable as the fixed cost of design, setup and delivery is a major proportion of the initial costs, but minor discounts are available for lesser quantities.

Why are you saying my photograph is not high enough quality when it looks fine on my screen?

You need a higher resolution for an image to look good when printed than you do to make it look good on screen. We always want your image to look as good as it can.

Can you match the design of a memorial card?

We can take an existing card as a style guide but we will likely need to substitute in our own images and some other presentation elements may need adapting.

If I have designed a card myself can you print it?

This is not always the best idea, but we can use your design to guide ours. If you want your own design printed please speak to us before setting it up.

Can I add the details of a second person to one card?

Yes. Quite often people will add the previously deceased husband or wife to the other side of the inside of a memorial card to symbolise their reunion.

Can I order more cards in the future?

Yes. We will try to keep your designs on file forever. Extra cards can always be ordered and you will only pay for the new cards with any delivery costs.

Will your logo appear on my chosen image?

The ‘Finepoint Graphics’ watermarks on our gallery images will not be printed. This is just a security feature on our website.

Why are the pages not in order on my proof?

During the design process the documents are arranged in ‘printer-spreads’ so that, although the pages are non-consecutive on your proof, they appear correctly when folded and bound.

Can I visit your premises to discuss my order in person?

Yes, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements in person. Customers are welcome to visit us during normal business hours (Mon – Fri 9:00 – 17:00) but please give us a phone call beforehand to ensure that we can give you the attention you need.

Can I have more than one photograph on my order?

Yes. We can include as many photos as you wish, space permitting.

Can I provide my own text?

Yes. Although we have many verses, poems and texts to choose from, you are more than welcome to provide your own.

Why is there a minimum size for uploading photographs?

We have a 50kb minimum upload size although we do recommend a minimum size of at least 100kb. This is because, in our experience, digital photographs of a smaller size are highly unlikely to produce a good results.

Why am I charged for each photograph that I have?

For every photograph that you wish to have printed there is a one-off charge. This is to cover the time taken to process your photographs so that they will reproduce well when printed, and to make any adjustments such as removing elements from photos, colour correction, removing red-eye, erasing blemishes etc. This is a one-off charge per photo that you submit and is irrespective of how many copies you have printed.

What are the delivery options?

[1] Collection. If you are local you are welcome to collect your order from our premises.

[2] Royal Mail First Class. Should be delivered in 1-3 days. If we are not returning photographs to you and time is not critical this is the most inexpensive option.

[3] Royal Mail Special Delivery. Delivery next working day before 1:00 pm, tracked. We will automatically use this delivery method to return your original photographs. If you need your order delivered the next day please specify this option. If we are sending your order and photographs at the same time we may send your photographs in a separate package.